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    What to Avoid Before Getting Pre-wedding Laser Treatment

    laser2If there is one thing about laser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX, it is not a miracle. In fact, this treatment is highly reliable to laser technology. There are pros and cons as well that you need to read about ahead of time. Your safety is also depending on the clinic and the skills of your dermatologists and clinicians. By having a consultation with the nearest clinic, you can be able to understand the whole process. It is up to you if you are going to continue or not. However, one thing will be sure right after the treatment—your skin will be looking good.

    Avoid getting the treatment without prior consultation

    While this is a popular treatment, surely, it is not a random one. Before your skin will be subjected to laser pulse, it is essential that you determine first if you are a good candidate. There are women who are not good candidates; they are the ones who have issues with their ovaries (polycystic) and the ones who have hormonal dilemmas.

    Avoid exposing yourself into the sun, tanning machine and other factors that can darken your skin

    After the doctor’s approval for the treatment, the next thing to do is take note of the doctor’s advice not to get skin tan. For your information, having tanned skin can greatly affect the success of the treatment. It may lead to blistering or even burns of your skin as the laser pulse are no longer targeting the follicle. When the skin is dark, it absorbs the laser pulse thus resulting to skin blisters and burns. The success rate if your skin is tanned is less.

    Avoid by the roots hair removal

    Six weeks before the scheduled treatment, it is required for you to shave your hair. However, there is a warning from the clinicians that you should not remove the hair up to the roots. In short, pulling and plucking your hair is deeply prohibited. You can shave it all you want but removing by the roots is a big NO.

    The effect of laser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX into your skin will be more desirable and permanent if you are listening to the advice of your doctor. When undergoing this treatment, you need to be ready mentally and physically. As a bride, you deserve a good looking skin so make sure that you check by your dermatologist before you wear that short bridal dress of yours.

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