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    Essential Rules When Shopping for an Engagement Ring

    The wedding planning stage will not commence if you haven’t proposed to her yet. If you want to make her say yes then you should make sure that you pop up the question to her with the best ring that you can find in the market. When you say best ring it does not mean the most expensive.

    27Most soon to be grooms are always nervous with the selection of engagement rings in Houston, TX because in the first place they have no experience. If you are one of them then heed the advice of some experts in terms of wedding proposals.

    The setting of the ring. If you are to ask many jewelers, the tone of the ring is being set by its setting. The ring setting, if you don’t know, is the metal framework where the center stone is being mounted. Most of the time, rings are adorned with a classic round diamond; to make it modern and more appealing, the best framework for the setting is in bezel style. If you want to add the flavor of being trendy in your ring, you can make use of four prong setting. According to experts, when you get the right combo; she will easily fall in love with the ring.

    The shape of the ring. If you ask most girls, they would always say that shape is the first thing they examine when looking at any ring. As much as possible, you should know the shape preference of your soon to be wife.

    The need to check her engagement rings Houston style ahead. There are two types of ring shoppers. The first one is the traditionalist type since they want to keep it a secret and surprise her. If you do this, make sure that you are good when it comes to spying. If you have no clues then ask her friends or closest family members. The second type of ring shopper is the modern ones. This type of shoppers ask their partners to go with them.  Although there is no element of surprise here, they make sure that their partners will like the ring upfront.  

    It will only take one time for you to propose if you do it right. Before popping the question to her, it is essential that you decide which ring among the long list of engagement rings in Houston, TX that you should pick. Follow the tips above so you won’t get confused with the process.  

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