• Bridal Wear 25.11.2015 Comments Off on Are You Going to Trash Your Wedding Dress or Just Cherish it?

    Understanding Two Different Actions to Do on the Dress

    All About WeddingThe trash the dress phenomenon started way back where newlyweds walked through fields, scrambled over hay bales, fought fire, swam through the ocean and had even had vibrant paints flung from the wedding decor at them has now moved on apace, to a sophisticated style of photo shoot where a bride gets to wear her dress again, look beautiful and use stunning mother nature as a backdrop. To be a bride all over again! To cherish the dress that you are going to wear for the first time in your entire life, you need to make sure that it will captured in all its glorious beauty.

    Photographers all over the world are now accepting commissions for these shoots; shoots where you get to look potentially even more gorgeous than you did that day – free from the stress, pressure and interferences on your big day. You may find that your photographer is willing to offer this as part of a wedding photography package that also includes an engagement shoot, and the beauty of it all is that you get to wear that dress and those shoes all over again. And the real beauty of it is that you can pick somewhere that doesn’t hold a license – somewhere that holds wonderful memories for you both or you just like the look of. Good photographers will also know all the best local beauty spots to get the best pictures.

    Would you consider doing a cherish the dress or even trash the dress photo shoot? What are you plans for your wedding gown when the confetti has settled? Are you planning to trash the dress or cherish it? Do you still fit into your wedding dress? Have you had it cleaned yet? Is the thought of wearing your shoes again just too painful? It is up to you if you want to trash or cherish your wedding dress to captivate its style and beauty. It is a wonderful dress that will remind you of the most memorable day of your life.

    Trashing your dress would be worthwhile because you can get amazing funny photos and having fun with it. Cherishing it is also the same but, you will not be super creative as you trash it because all you just need to do is pose with the dress on. It depends on the photographer on how they can get the perfect angle where you will find stunning aura with the dress on. Make sure that you think about your decision when it comes to your dress. So, are you going to trash it or just simply cherish it? The query is yours.

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  • Bridal Wear 18.11.2015 Comments Off on Buying the Perfect Dress to Wear For Your Beach Wedding

    Beach Wedding Dresses to Choose

    All About WeddingAre you planning on celebrating your wedding at the beach? Beach wedding is popular nowadays and a lot of couples are choosing this venue due to the many benefits that they can get.  If you are thinking of having a beach wedding, one of the things that you need to take care of is your wedding dress aside from the wedding decoration. Make sure that you choose a dress that suits you perfectly and will match the environment as well.

    When choosing a dress, see to it that you choose a light and flowing material that does not wrinkle. You can choose materials such as chiffon and crepe. Avoid thick and heavy materials like velvet and brocade since it can hinder you from moving comfortable. The material may also get drenched in the water and cause it to be a lot heavier than usual. Surely, you do not want to be uncomfortable for the whole wedding event.

    You also need to take note of a lot of factors when deciding on the kind of train that you will wear. The beach is an uncontrolled environment and you will have to deal with the wind, water and sand. Because of this, you need to avoid wearing long trains that will only get caught in the sand. It is ideal that you choose a short yet trendy train that matches your dress perfectly.

    There are a lot of style and design that you can choose for your beach wedding dress. Here are some designs that you can choose from:

    Sheath – this is also referred to as the column wedding dress that has a similar line as the empire waist. However, sheath tends to have more structured skirt that doesn’t flow out from the bust line. You can go for the mini variety sheath dress.

    Empire Waist – this wedding dress fits perfectly just below the bust line and falls in a loose column below the knees. The design reflects a flowing and soft look that is perfect for a beach wedding setting.

    Mermaid – this dress fits closely to the body but it flares out just below the knees. In order for this dress to be perfect for your wedding, you need to choose the one that is overly decorated.

    These are some of the wedding dresses that you can wear on your beach wedding. Make sure that you choose a dress that you are comfortable wearing. Make a wise decision when buying the dress by reading some ideas online and asking your dressmaker about the best dress that suits your body.

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