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    How  to Add Lighting in Your Wedding?

    Actually, your wedding wouldn’t be so special at all if you don’t have the proper lighting. Wedding venues in Houston, TX needs light to make them look fantastical and magical during your big day. They are the ones that adds a special mood in your wedding atmosphere. When it comes to having gorgeous wedding receptions, decorating with lights can make a huge impact. From bold and dramatic to soft and romantic, creative use of lights can help create the right atmosphere you want at your reception and add make even the simplest of decorations unique. Here are some basic types of lighting for your wedding reception:

    wedding venueColored Lighting

    Colored lighting can add new and interesting dimensions to the reception. If an overhead lighting system allows, color wash lighting can change throughout the evening to signify different activities, such as warm, vibrant hues during cocktail hour and seating, a soft romantic color for dinner, and a mix of colors for dancing. This will totally make your wedding day more special that you can ever imagine.


    Pin spot or spotlighting can draw attention to specific areas or objects. Ask a help from your wedding decorator to set up this.  The wedding cake is often a great source for spotlighting so the design can be admired. Lighting may also be focused on the head table during dinner when speeches are given by the wedding party. This is perfect if you want to perform a song at your reception and you will be lighted by it.

    Stencil or Textured Lighting

    For couples who want lighting that truly adds a personalized motif, gobos (special stencils that can be placed over lighting) can create a specific spot of light with a monogram, wedding dates, wedding motifs, or used to incorporate specific themes at your wedding venues in Houston, TX. These add a unique and playful touch to any wedding, and are ideal for wedding reception with whimsical theme. Lighting specialists may have various options available for stencil or textured lighting.

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    Easy Wedding Ballroom Dance to Learn

    wedding danceAside from caterers, photographers and wedding decorators one of the most important person to help you with wedding preparation is the dance instructor. . There are many kinds of wedding ballroom dancing lessons in Houston, TX that you can learn for your big day. You can choose an easy one with simple steps so that you can make sure that you will learn easily in a short period of time. One of the most romantic ballroom dance that you can learn is the Waltz.

    Waltz is a popular choice when it comes to wedding dance. The best thing about this kind of ballroom dance is that it is easy and repeatable. The basic patterns are simple and you will move effortlessly around the dance floor. The pattern will form the basic and you can later on add some attractive moves.

    There are many kinds of wedding ballroom dancing lessons in Houston, TX that you can enroll to. The waltz is also considered that can offer you with the dreams fairytale feelings of pure romance. This is among the reasons why a lot of couples choose waltz for their first dance. This kind of dance will definitely portray the beginning of the married life of the couples. Also, the tempo and timing are easy to follow.

    In order to help you learn this dance, you can hire the services of a dance instructor. If you look online, you can find that there are a lot of dance studios and instructors that you can choose from. Make sure that you do enough research before you hire the services of a certain instructor to teach you with everything that you need to know.

    The waltz is based on simple steps which are very easy to follow. You and your fiancée will certainly enjoy the experience that you have when as you learn this dance. Ro sure, it will bring you closer together and you will also bond. You can choose to learn the dance individually by enrolling in a private dance lesson or you can also join a group.

    You need to make sure that you choose the right music as well. The waltz can be dance in many kinds of music. You can practice to dance in the music that will be played as your first dance. This way, you will know the right moves to take and you will also get comfortable dancing. Make sure that you listen to the rhythm of the music so that you will know the moves to take. By enrolling in wedding ballroom dancing lessons in Houston, TX, you can rest assured that you will learn all that you need to learn.

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