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    How to Save on Your Wedding Catering Budget

    With the current state of the economy nowadays, it can be very expensive to get married. A lot of couples are finding it hard to set up the perfect wedding with all of the expenses that they will come across. As a matter of fact, couples are finding a lot of ways just to cut cost on their expenses. One of the most expensive parts of your wedding is the food. It is wise to hire the services of a wedding catering in Houston, TX but it is also an expensive service that you need to pay.

    Wedding CateringIf you are looking for ways to save money on your wedding catering in Houston, TX, you can follow these simple steps:

    Serve heavy meals like meat, pork, fish and other expensive dishes for the main course only.  For appetizers, you can serve vegetable dishes. For instance, you can serve canapés, rice rolls and asparagus.

    Save money on drinks by serving soda and beer rather than champagnes. You can also serve less expensive wine such as cava or English sparkling wine.

    It is always best that you serve bread with dipping oils for the first course. You can also serve grapes with various kinds of cheese to add variety for your guests.

    For the dessert, you can serve your wedding cake to your guests. Rather than spending a lot of money on various kinds of dessert, you can just invest on the cake instead. This way, you can save a lot of money and the guests will enjoy eating your cake. This is a wonderful and less expensive idea that you can do for your wedding catering in Houston, TX.

    If you want to save extra money you can hire a caterer that also provide free wedding decoration. There are a lot of ways that you can do to save on your wedding catering in Houston, TX. As much as possible, you need to talk to various Houston catering company so that you can be able to have many choices and opt for the one that can provide you with your needs without having to overspend, contact them here.

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