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    Trendy Nail Art

    Wedding day is the most important event in the life of a couple. It is their stepping stone to another stage of life which is family life.  Therefore, that day should be perfect and special and everything should be done and prepared well. We usually prepare for gowns, venues and reception decorations and we take for granted our nails. Now, it should not be missed because we will paint your figures with wedding nail salons in Los Angeles, CA.

    wedding nail salonManicure and Pedicure. Treat your nails with a manicure and pedicure. It is not only available for ladies but also for men.  For men, they should look clean and formal too because they are on a special event. That is why a simple colorless or cleaning for their hands and feet will do the work.  For ladies, they have a lot of options. They can have a clean and simple nails as they wear their wedding ring or they can paint it with light nail polish.

    Nail Arts.Nail arts are attractive to look at. It does not apply for rugged or teenagers but also for wedding occasions.  You can match your wedding day with a variety of nail arts. You can go for the traditional white or natural colors or have some nail arts with accents of pearl and diamonds.

    Wedding day is fast approaching it is time to treat your lovely nails.  Paint your figures with wedding nail salons in Los Angeles,CA for a successful big day.

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  • Tasty Desserts for Wedding 10.12.2014 Comments Off on Modern Take on Your Wedding Cupcakes in Houston, TX

    Make Your Wedding Dessert Flavorful

    The main reason why you should choose wedding cupcakes in Houston TX is that it is easy to bake. It is cheaper as compared to wedding cakes when you order from the nearest bakery.

    Nowadays, couples who are saving money in their wedding day would choose this type of dessert. Besides, this dessert could be patterned as a cake.

    Bakeries can accessorize your own cupcakes and make it look like your wedding cake. To be able to do this, you need to talk with your baker so that they can adjust the flavor, color and icing of your cupcakes. The best thing about this cupcake wedding cake is you can get different frostings and flavors. Every batch of your cupcakes could be different from the previous ones. You can also layer them in a tower. Every layer could feature different color and flavor depending in your design.


    Although the price of this setup is lower than a regular wedding cake, the price will also depend on how many tiers do you want to put in your cupcake wedding cake. If you choose more than 3 tiers, the platform should be as sturdy as possible. Make sure that it will hold all the weight of your selected cupcakes in Houston.

    Impressing guests in your wedding day does not need to be expensive. You can be creative with your wedding cake that will complement your wedding decoration. Utilizing cupcakes is one of the bright ideas so make sure you do not forget this just in case you will be out of budget. The colorful ensemble of different flavored cupcakes into the platform will wow your audience.

    Give your wedding dessert a twist of modern dessert. You can add as many flavors as you want. Wedding cupcakes in Houston TX are indeed enjoyable in every last bite.

    Wedding cakes are always appealing to wedding photography and videography just like your simple hair and make up, make sure to find the best one.

    Three Brothers Bakery
    4036 S Braeswood Blvd Houston, TX 77025
    713.666.2253 (CAKE)

    Three Brothers Bakery
    12393 Kingsride Ln Houston, TX 77024
    Phone: 713.464.2253 (CAKE)

    Three Brothers Bakery
    4606 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007
    713.522.2253 (CAKE)

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  • Bridal Salon Tips 08.12.2014 Comments Off on Top Reasons Why Visit Wedding Spa Salons in Denver, CO

    Benefits of Getting Bridal Massage

    You must have been working so hard just to fix all the details needed on your special day, beginning to your wedding decoration and down to your food to be served. At the end of the day, your body deserves a treat so you should visit wedding spa salons in Denver, CO to get a massage. If you want, you can tag along your bridesmaids and do a spa salon party.

    Wedding SpaGets rid of postural stress. This kind of stress or pain could be felt usually on the neck and shoulder part of a woman’s body. In others cases, women with extreme activities might be suffering from advance postural stress. Also, this kind of stress is caused by too much sitting. For as long as you have postural massage, you can sit for longer period of time without worrying too much.

    Gets rid of muscle pain. Your muscles can go sore if it is stressed out. It also improves the blood circulation of your body. Not only that, according to a recent study, it is also perfect for a body that is suffering from a chronic back pain.

    Reconnect your body. If your body has been disoriented for a long time due to busy schedule at work, this is your chance to reconnect its entire element. For most brides, the stress level could be so high that they get overwhelmed physically, emotionally and mentally. With a one hour body massage in a salon, you can walk out smiling and relieved.

    Wedding spa salons in Denver, CO will help you free your muscles from being stressed. As a bride, it is important that you should be relaxed days before your wedding. You can’t walk the aisle looking stressed and worried.

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  • Bridal Wear 04.12.2014 Comments Off on Guide to Choose a Right Bridal Dress by Wedding Dresses in Washington, DC

    Right Dress Fitting for Bride

    Do you want to walk in the aisle wearing that beautiful designer dress? Do you want to experience a dress like you are the prettiest bride? The secret to that is the right style, right fit and right design for you. You may be tempted of many wedding dresses that you can see online or wedding magazines. But remember it will only look fab on you if it suites you right. What are the things that you should look for in choosing a wedding dress? It Fits Just Right by Wedding Dresses Washington DC.

    wedding dressStyle. There are hundreds of wedding gown that you will encounter. But the question will be, will it look good on me? The dressmaker knows how to choose the style for each client. They know that very well, they always check your chosen design and see if it is suited for the shape of your face, your body size and your personality. A professional dressmaker knows all about this.

    Design. The design of your gown should blend with your concept and wedding venue. There are couples who prefer to have a garden or beach wedding so that length of the dress is shorter. Your design of your dress should highlight your assets and conceal your problem areas.

    Search your dream wedding know and see for yourself it if works magic with you. Always remember that the wedding gown will only be worn once, so grab all the chance to wear that dream gown and say that It Fits Just Right by Wedding Dresses Washington DC. It has been a great experience working with you.

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